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■General Description:

This machine is designed for environmental film lamination. It applies PUR adhesive, which is solvent free and environmentally neutral after curing. Cold laminating method ensures evenness after lamination and energy-saving. Hot-knife cutting system realize quick shift to next step of processing and widely applicant for different kinds of film.

□ Main characteristics:

1. High-precision five-roller gluing system driven by the servo motor,adhesive coating stable and accuracy,full digital control.

2. Revolving brush & calendering dual-set dust cleaning and finishing system,ensuring the dust cleaning completely,and printing product flat and smooth,which can lay a good foundation for the high quality and low cost lamination.

3. Internal heating hot knife cutting system ensures low accessories cost,precise cutting of all film types,such as PE, PET, OPP, Acetate or metalized film.

4.Excellent lamination quality:

▷Cold-laminating method prevent sheet distortion, decurling become unnecessary.

▷Apply PUR adhesive,completely resolve the problem of wrinkle,bubble etc. which is liable to happen in water-based adhesive laminating, lamination tightly and won’t cause spot color change(or very little change), like red and black.

5.Competively low cost of laminating process:

▷High efficiency: this machine can run at the speed of 80~100 meter per minute

▷Saving Energy: Replace the heating and drying system widely used on water based lamination, reducing the power consumption about 40KW.

▷Low glue-spread amount,2.0 to 3.0 g/m2 only,adhesive cost can reduce 30%.

▷The above three features ensure strong advantage of low cost than traditional water based lamination.

6.Authentic green and environmental protection laminating technology

▷Eliminate solvent pollution of oil based lamination.

▷Remove the influence of dispersing agent in water based lamination.

▷Adhesive has been Authentificated by the FDA Food and Drug Administration,realizing green and environmental lamination.

7.Providing technology support of multiple online combination:

▷Online UV coating device for option

▷Online double-faced corona device for option.

▷Online electrostatic removal device for option.

▷Online code spraying platform for option.






Suitable paper


Max. Sheet Size



Min. Sheet Size


Overlap precision


Total Power

25 KW

30 KW

Overall Dimension



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